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Server Update 2.0
Skill Update Changelog

x5 Experience
x6 Quest Exp
x2 Boss Drop
1x Drop
1x Meso
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MapleSiege - Ranked PvP Server - V83 MapleStory Private Server




Welcome to MapleSiege! We offer a Pre-Big Bang MapleStory Experience with a twist! Our active staff and dev teams aim to release new content weekly based upon player suggestions. Join our discord for important information, game updates, and to submit suggestions.


  • Rates: Exp x5 - Quest x6 - Boss Drop x2 - Drop x1  - Meso x1
  • Weekly updates, minimal downloading.
  • Fair, and balanced level up rewards.
  • Skills Reworked; More classes are viable late game
  • No HP Wash; Balanced HP Gains, & rewarding HP through gameplay.
  • All scrolls will attempt two rolls before failure!
  • Siege Rankings, World Boss Rankings, Expediton Boss Rankings

Team Events - War

  • Five Different Weekly Custom Events Based
  • Climb the Ranking, and Unlock new rewards
  • Monday - Invasion
  • Tuesday & Thursday - Clash
  • Friday - Ranked Siege
  • Saturday - Boss Rift
  • Sunday - Guild Wars
  • Medals

Custom Rankings

  • Based on Honor, Achievements, and War Rank

Custom Medals

  • Unlocked based on acvhievements
  • Medals for defeating Bosses
  • War, and World Ranking Medals

Chaos Crafting

  • Custom Maker crafting
  • Free Chaos scroll applied upon crafting -7 ~ +7
  • Advance strengthning gems buffed!
  • Dragon, reverse, timeless, and many more sets!
  • Item level up, and rare scrolls

World Bossing

  • Increased Difficulty of World Bosses
  • Custom Solo, Party Quest, Team, and Expedition Bosses
  • Collect Medals, and Ornaments on Kill
  • Exchange unique Boss ETC, and drops for equipment upgrades!

Party Quest

  • Increased level limits
  • Balanced, and better rewards
  • Collect rare NX, and a unique equipment per PQ
  • Boss ETC exchange, and experience buffed

Challenge Questline

  • Visit various traning locations
  • Battle, & collect unique drops
  • Gain experience, challenge & gachapon tickets
  • Mid game equipment progression

Expanded End Game

  • Custome Expeditions, and Boss Drop Tables
  • Late game equipment progression
  • Star Forge custom scrolls, and equipments
  • Exchange your boss ornaments, and custom ETC for strong rewards

Progression Ring

  • Progressivly gain stats based on your efforts. (Balanced)
  • Achievement system to show off how far, and how hard you work
  • Custom Ring effects for different power levels
  • Account based

Legion System

  • Rewards for growing multiple characters to a high level on the same account.
  • Account based unique skills, and areas unlocked
  • Combine with progression ring, and star forging to tackle the toughest bosses!

Our Community!

  • ?No Pay2Win, No Vote2Win!
  • Reduced secondary stats on equipments
  • Strong Core Community; Players Log, and Boss Daily!
  • All GMS Quests Working
  • Consume, ETC, max stack increase.
  • Increased Max Level On Cygnus To 200
  • Boat Travel Reduced To One Minute
  • HenneHoe Approved Server
  • @Commands In Game For List of Commands
  • Monster Card System 
  • Weddings/Marriages

Challenge Quest:
World Bosses:
Custom PQ; Demon's Gateway, The Crimson Raider, Princess Rescue.
Custom Expeditions: Capt Latanica's Capture, Spreading Terror
Futurue releases: VonLeon/Toad/Krexal
BossPQ/GuildPQ/Expeditions/Mu Lung Dojo

Challenge Quests - PvP - PvP Rankings - Boss Trade in - Scroll drops - Forger - Raider Coins - Vote Points + Cash General Store - World Stylist - Bulletin Board: Guides & Information


      Enjoy The Summer With MapleSiege!